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The Mark Strama Campaign Academy Blog

Just a Bunch of Interns Callin' It Like We See It

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Welcome to the Mark Strama Campaign Academy Blog for 2006! There are about twenty-five of us young interns volunteering for Mark through the long, hot Texas summer, and we've put together this blog so that you can see what we're working on and what we're learning as we go.

We also have a MySpace Account:


Donate to Mark's campaign here.

If you would like to send us a comment or an article: We can be reached at campaignacademy2006@yahoo.com. This is also where you can send friend requests for our MySpace account, ask us a question about Mark Strama or his campaign, or offer volunteer services for this Academy such as supplying lunches. For emails concerning this blog, please include "blog" in your subject line; for emails relating to our MySpace account, please include "MySpace."

This blog does not represent the views of Mark Strama. We are interns working on his campaign, and not official campaign representatives.
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