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Posted by intrepid_intern on 2006.07.28 at 11:07
This week, I had a harrowing internet experience, one that made me not only appreciative of what I have, but also cognizant of the transience and impermanence of all things.

I couldn't get online for THREE DAYS.

The reasons for this were several, but mainly it was that I was stuck at a sketchy hotel in Dallas so that I could attend a journalism workshop at another hotel. I mean, in all fairness, maybe my hotel wasn't that sketchy? But it was definitely in a sketchy part of town. (You don't mess around on Mockingbird Lane, man.) The ride in consisted mainly of, "Oh, hey, there's a strip club! And ... there's another strip club. Um. Wow." Plus the hotel had no internet. I rest my case.

The 'netless transition from a workplace full of little politicos to a workshop full of the people devoted to discovering and broadcasting their deepest secrets would have been easier had it not been for the debilitating cold of the room we were in. I think the idea was to incapacitate our brains so that we would be rendered unable to consider that such pearls of wisdom as "A good journalist is fair and balanced" were actually ... something I could have stayed home and learned from Fox News.

But that's just me.

The worst part, though, was totally that at the end of the whole thing, I didn't even get an award. I wanted that goddamn miniature trophy. Was I not fair and balanced enough for them? Huh? Huh?!

But anyway, now I'm back, and grateful for block-walking and mailers in a way that I had previously thought was indicative of psychosis. This morning, I was at last reunited with my fellow Stramallamas, who greeted me with enthusiastic grumbles. Except for Jimmy, who was immersed in the task of carrying signs around, and did not give me any grumble.

... Well, it can't always be all about me, right?


[Elisa's note: Will says this entry is, quote, "really bitter." To which I say, " Want to fix it? Then get me a trophy. Do you know the childhood trauma you're dealing with here? I NEVER WON ANYTHING AND THEY ALWAYS PICKED ME LAST FOR DODGEBALL."]

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