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war paint

Posted by flyerchild on 2006.07.28 at 10:21
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So in preparation for this Stramarama shindig, and having promised a bunch of people that there would be face painting, we were faced with the sudden and disappointing fact that none of us know how to face paint. So yesterday morning, before I came in, there was a practice session of sorts. I show up around noon for the late shift, and people are walking around with big pink stars, hearts, peace signs, and red-white-and-blue donkeys all over their faces like it's a big liberal carnival.

The really unfortunate (or maybe endearing, let's go for that) part was when billionaire philanthropist Fred Baron showed up to speak and everyone's faces were still painted. It must be disarming to talk seriously about revitalizing the Texas Democratic Party to a group of supposedly motivated and intelligent young people who have their faces painted like four-year-olds at Six Flags. Our next speaker, Blaine Bull, was a little early, which I hope gave him a chance to get used to the paint before having to take us seriously.

In retrospect, I think we should have told them both it was war paint. As in, we're just that excited about beating the Republicans this fall. I'm pretty sure we could've gotten away with it.


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Best Yet

Lea, I am sorry I missed out that day. I can picture it in my head, and I can't stop laughing. Thanks it made my day.

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