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Posted by intrepid_intern on 2006.07.19 at 10:47
Using this newfangled "internet," we at the Mark Strama Campaign Academy have decided to explore a new tactic for getting young voters engaged and involved: Social networking.

Through Mark's MySpace and his Facebook group "Mark Strama!," we're finding young voters and keeping them up to date on what's going on in Mark's campaign. We've already had success with this: Less than 24 hours after sending out our first round of friend requests, we've called voters who had already gotten the lowdown on Mark and upcoming events by the time of our call.

If you'd like to be as in-the-know as these fine folks, add Mark as a MySpace friend-- and join his Facebook group, too.


(Anonymous) at 2006-07-19 18:41 (UTC) (Link)


Great site - but hard to read due to the color scheme. You may want to fix that sometime. Planning to vote for you already.
(Anonymous) at 2006-07-20 00:15 (UTC) (Link)


Sorry, changing the color to blue just doesn't do the trick! The pictures in the background, the black background, the type and size of the font are all wrong. The average time a person spends on a web page while surfing is 5 seconds (+/- 2 seconds). You only have 5 seconds to sell this site to the surfer. You need to work on it. In plain words, right now the page sucks.
He's a cool politician though - the kind we need 20 more of.
So work on his myspace if you want the young crowd to read it again and again.
intrepid_intern at 2006-07-20 00:33 (UTC) (Link)

Re: MySpace

Hm. MySpace. Yes. Very blue.

... But how about the Livejournal? Is it not gorgeous now that I've gotten rid of that "navigation strip" at the top?

... Oh my God, I am so not fishing for compliments. TELL ME I'M PRETTY.
(Anonymous) at 2006-07-20 00:38 (UTC) (Link)

Re: MySpace

The live journal is pretty - you are as well!
Since there is a link from the live journal to this and there is a link from the outside world to the live journal, then there is a link to the myspace from the outside world. Thus the need for the pretty and readable!
Your live journal site is awesome.
(Deleted comment)
(Anonymous) at 2006-07-20 14:00 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Send Mark an Internet

Yes, but the MYSapce site does look like the tub of an 18-wheeler. It does not look like a series of tubes.

- don't want to get Fleeced, man!
(Anonymous) at 2006-07-20 14:02 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Send Mark an Internet

BTW: The Facebook site rocks!
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