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Poltics @ its finest and all in a days work

Posted by sjamesb on 2006.07.11 at 15:26
Current Location: Campaign Academy Headquarters
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by Jim Betancourt

Mark Strama, representative for House district 50, was more than gracious today to allow me to shadow him. I never thought I could have been so happy until today when I experienced a real campaign and a real day in the life of a brilliant, young, and energetic politician who in his office represents me. He showed me the ropes the grit and grime of real politics and what it takes to be a great politician. I'm not going to go into specifics of what we talked about, because most of it is close to the election, and to me it is classified information and I like Representative Strama so much that I would never say anything that would cost him the election.

In the morning, we went and talked with the Christian Life Commission, which was very interesting to say the least, and it was pretty interesting to hear other young people talk somewhat about politics and religon together. To share my story and the story of the campaign academy with them made me proud to know that I work on a very special campaign and with a politician who I believe enjoys to hear the other side of the argument before he makes his own decisions. To see a group like the CLC be very bipartisan was interesting- I expected a very conservative organization when I walked in the room. I am considering joining them (and trust me, I join groups very selectively) but what was interesting altogether was that they were arguing that there is a separation of church and state. I also went with Mark later to a classified meeting about policy for a debate he has tomorrow, but that information is not be disclosed. All I will say is that it was interesting and I was so glad to be part of it.

Then came the hearing. The fight of the century between the CAMPO committee and Senator Barrientos made me understand what leadership was all about. I thanked the Senator for his leadership after the hearing.

I want to thank Representative Strama for his generosity in taking me to that hearing. But what made today most interesting was that God gave me the ability and the blessiing to do it. I give this post to him. And to end this post I give some advice to other interns: Stay committed and stick to your argument, whatever it is. That is why I am working at Campaign Academy, why day in and day out I work to understand the other side of the argument, and why I encourage all of you to aspire to be the greatest you can and learn all that you can about politics. One day just like me you'll want to run- and not run halfway to the finish line, but past it- and that is the one thing I see that I will get out of campaign academy after it's done.

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